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Life in the UK Test

Persons applying for British Citizenship or settlement in UK are required to pass LIFE IN THE UK TEST under the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002.


A1 / B1 Exam

Applying for British Citizenship, Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK, Spouse and Extension? you need to pass A1 / B1 exam as per the new immigration law.

Driving Theory Lessons

We help you to prepare for your driving theory. Whether its theory or hazard perception; we know how to make things less complicated and easy to memorize.

Why Learn With Us


Special techniques to help you memorise the handbook

We provide simulation tests to familiarise the learners with the official test format

Relaxed environment to learn and succeed

Visuals provided through projector to make everything clear and memorable

We have all the visual aids to help you in memorising

Qualified & Experienced staff to help you at each and every step of learning

High Spec computer lab for practice tests

Multilingual staff available

life in the uk test preparation center is a part of VITSPRO, LTD

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